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Reconnect with your inner voice

If you’re anything like me, your mental mind is strong and you live life as a thinker and a doer. But when you’re feeling stuck like a mouse in a maze, always in the thinking and the doing mode, it's easy to find yourself out of harmony. You start to put your trust outside of yourself. You start to feel off kilter.

It's time to reconnect with your inner voice and acknowledge its infinite wisdom. Trust yourself and your ancestors before you. You’re here for guidance, and I’m here to support your journey.

Your voice within is the roadmap for building your legacy and sharing it with the world. Isn’t that so freeing and powerful to imagine? I am here to guide you in finding your Shaman within yourself and help you unlock your secrets, your wisdom. I combine scientific principles and frequency medicine to create a true, open path of healing. We get to the root cause of the issues and address them head-on, together.

What's your super power?

You have a superpower. We all do. Sometimes knowing what it is seems so natural, other times we feel on the edge of figuring it out but don’t know for certain just yet.

Are you ready to BE your superpower?

It took me years to figure out my superpower and use it. Now I know that it’s to help guide you through the twists and turns of your life’s challenges. To help you find the inner voice of truth and partner with it to create your legacy, your extraordinary life.

It's time we wake up to the authenticity of who we are to make this world a place of peace and prosperity.

Let's Connect

Start where you are

and I’ll guide you from there

No matter where you are on your journey today, there’s a place for you here. If you’re just starting to explore energy work or if you want to take your power to the next level, I have the necessary tools and support for you. Whether it’s 1:1 work, attending a workshop or joining a community of like minded individuals, there is accountability and encouragement to buoy your spirits and accelerate your evolution.

Shift Experience

This twice monthly energy healing experience is divinely guided and provides a unique offering to each participant and the group exactly what is needed during that time and space.

Choose to Shift
Community + Connection

You’ve joined memberships that promised they’d “fix” you and move you forward, but you still feel stuck in this low vibe life, feeling alone. But you're an out of the box thinker who needs community and guidance to help you decode what's happening in your life.

Get Support
It's time to flourish

Whether you’re zapped of inspiration, clients have dwindled, or you just can’t seem to bring your vision to life like you want to, you’re ready for some sort of change.

Next Level, puh-lease


Along your journey, you may find that you need help from Mother Earth along the way. From energy integrations and meditations to essential oils and supplements, my support shop is here to help you.

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Frequency Medicine

Frequency therapy is the medicine of the future--Einstein said it himself. Energy, frequency, and vibration are the building blocks of the Universe. Want to experience results? We have to shift the frequency.

Get into the Science


We are all in the midst of a wild and crazy ascension process. May these episodes inspire you to shine bright and live into your infinite potential with peace in your mind and love in your heart.

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I'm glad you're here

Your Shaman for everyday people. No need to live in a hut on the top of a mountain--I’m here for YOU. I like science and I like woo, so I combine both to get to the root of what’s holding you back.

Frequency medicine, meditation, and essential oils are all in my wheelhouse and are powerful tools in treating the mind, body, and spirit. And isn’t that what you want? Full and complete healing from the inside out? Perfect.

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