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Your journey in this life is about expanding and spreading love.


Unconditional love sees
the heart of a person.

It penetrates through fear and uncertainty to teach the sacred values of self-worth and trust.  Love illuminates our sacred path of evolution and expands our inner light.

Hey there....I am Dr. Kara

If you are anything like me, your mental mind is strong and you live life as a thinker and a doer. But when stuck in thinking and doing mode, it's easy to find yourself out of harmony. You start to put your trust outside of yourself.

It's time to reconnect with that inner voice, acknowledge its infinite wisdom, and live fully aligned with your inner wisdom, because when you, my friend, are are unstoppable! 

Your voice within is the roadmap for building your legacy and sharing it with the world. I am here to guide you in finding the Shaman within yourself and help you unlock your secrets within.

Unlocking your inner wisdom - your medicine - means becoming sovereign over your life. The world needs your medicine and you need your freedom to BE who you came here to be.

Our lives are a constant journey.  We are here to be challenged and grow from those experiences.  My medicine - my superpower - is to help guide you through the twists and turns of those challenges. To help you find the inner voice of truth and partnering with it to create your legacy, your extraordinary life! 

It's time we wake up to the authenticity of who we are to make this world a place of peace. 


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