When conventional wisdom isn’t cutting it anymore, you need someone on your side to walk with you through the fog.

You’re not a guru on a mountaintop, you’re a person with real life struggles who needs real life help, right now!

When conventional wisdom isn’t cutting it anymore,

you need someone on your side to walk with you through the fog.

You’re not a guru on a mountaintop, you’re a person with real life struggles who needs real life help.,right now!

From the Dark Comes the Light

If you’re like most people on this big beautiful rock filled with mystery, intrigue and wisdom, sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom in order to see there is a path you are destined for. Your give-a-shit meter just got pegged and you're awake for what feels like the first in your life. 

Finally that inner strength you’ve had inside has finally bubbled to the surface and you're ready to bring about the change you’ve been craving for so long. You’re on a mission to create your life and the world around you from somewhere inside you.  More inner peace, balance, joy, and love is calling you, but you’re just not sure how to answer?

That’s where I come in…

I’m Dr. Kara

I’m here to guide you along your very unique path. To help you find clarity in the road map of your life.  The Universe (whom I like to call Spirit) is giving you clues, but do you understand them and are you trusting them?
I haven’t always been a shaman, I lived quite the opposite kind of life before I found my destiny.

Growing up I was full of fear and seemed to be tired, sick, and unhappy--more so than all the other kids around me. I noticed that the fear stuck with me for decades, compounding the physical and emotional trauma (which if you’re wondering is not a fun way to live your life.) Then one day it happened: I hit rock bottom. I mean giant gaping pit of despair, no kernel of happiness, life as I knew it ended, kinda situation. Something inside me told me I was meant for more.  This was not the life that Spirit had intended for me. 

That’s when it hit me. I needed to rescue myself, instead of living for everyone else. I had to find my way through the story of my life. Create my own Divine map!

I refused to let myself become the victim of my own life, and I made a decision to show up for myself and my children, to let my hair down, and to find the person I truly was on the inside and let that woman free. 

That was the moment I became the author of my own freaking story and my life finally began!

 ::insert rising swell of freedom music here::

Lived Experience Does Not An Expert Make

It’s important to know who you choose to work with because having a connection is very important. If there’s no trust and comfort, healing and growth will be difficult to come by. And that’s the whole point, right? You’re here to break patterns, not host a cookie exchange. Making sure you find the right shaman for the job is pretty important.

Let's Connect

I’m not your average sit on a mountain top kind of spiritual guide, I’ve got science AND spiritual training to back me up.

  • Registered Nurse with experience in women & children’s health, labor and delivery
  • Doctorate in Natural Health, with concentrations in Iridology, Herbal Medicine, and Functional Medicine, and 2 year focus on homeopathy
  • Shamanic Healing Program - 2 year immersive program to “walk the path” I learned to embody the wisdom, then another 2 years immersed in plant medicine wisdom
  • Teacher of shamanic practice and living for over a decade
  • Essential Oil Certification - Chemistry
  • BS in Business Admin & Int’l Relations - I love people!

Frequency Medicine is my jam

We hear about energy all of the time, usually described as positive or negative. But what does it really mean? It means that where our attention goes, our energy flows. (Catchy isn’t it?)

When we get intentional with our thoughts and our feelings, incredible things tend to happen to us. But this isn't something that we tend to, as humans, do very often. Instead we walk around co-creating with the Universe without any intention or organization to it.

When we get intentional about living by the spiritual law of attraction, the Universe responds powerfully and on point. It’s such an amazing feeling to know the Universe has your back.

Every single thing has its own vibration, and when that vibration is out of whack, our energy becomes off. I use frequency medicine with my Healy device to hone in on the correct vibrations and balance your Chakras. When your body is in harmony your vibrations are higher which attracts positive energy. You’re not going to turn away positive energy are you?

Like attracts like.
So let’s raise your vibrations and reach your full potential.
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Decode the universe

Your ascended journey takes a lot of decoding the messages of the universe, and ultimately it’s your assignment to complete. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a guide along your side, and I’m here to guide you along the way to expand and heal. Your full potential is out there, it’s time to claim it.

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