Decode The Signs The Universe Is Sending You To Heal Your Soul 

It’s okay to enlist the help of a Shaman to figure it all out--this stuff isn’t always easy peasy

Out of the Box

At this point I know you’ve read every book you could find on personal development. You’ve attended every free webinar to get intune with your guides. You’ve joined memberships that promised they’d “fix” you and move you forward, but you still feel stuck in this low vibe life, feeling alone.

 Trust me, I get it.  You’re an out of the box thinker. Which is why I created Ascend to be an out of the box membership.

Just like you, Ascend doesn’t really fit any predestined program description either. It’s not a one-size-fits-all basic program for basic people. You need a unique solution to help you stand in your power and BE your majestic self. 

 That is why I combined masterminding - we call them Power Hours, energy healing & integration, community, frequency therapy, and Shamanic Medicine Strategy into a monthly membership. This program shows up for you as you need it, when you need it most.

You get constant support so you’re never left dangling in the wind, but you also get space to process your discoveries of the week. Ascend is high-touch and not a mass produced spiritual foundation. You get individual attention because, well, you’re an individual and I see your unique light. I honor you and your journey. But at the same time I’m not all up in your face. I give you support and sacred space to grow!

You’re Not New To This

If you are here, you likely have an appreciation for spirituality AND science! I love that about you! The Woo is great but so is the quantum physics behind energy work. You don’t have to be Einstein or Tesla to get the whole vibration thing. I’ve got you!

Feeling that there’s something more out in the Universe is exciting, but can also be scary and confusing. But what if I told you that you’re right--Nature IS speaking to you and there’s a message that you specifically need to hear? Trust your intuition. That is what has led you to the Woo in the first place.

Nature is the intelligence that runs throughout all of creation. Sounds pretty heavy but it’s true. It’s constantly seeking balance (like you!) and with the right tools you can decode those messages and finally ascend. Shift your vibration and finally create and open to receive what you’ve been seeking and dreaming of!

Get me out of the box

Inside Ascend

Every month includes a number of ways to heal, to create, and shift your vibration while learning what it means to walk a path of spiritual ascension. As you engage with the content and other members you will deepen your connection to Spirit, expand your vision, strengthen your intuition, and share your gifts/light.

Take a look

At the start of each month I will post a recorded energy overview of the month ahead. I sit with my Guides, plant spirit medicine, and Nature to receive insight and tools to support our personal and the collective’s evolution of expanded consciousness.


The Shift Experience is a remote group energy healing.  Currently they are offered twice monthly.  As an Ascend member you have access to the recordings of these experiences. Another powerful option for personal energy healing!

Power Hours

As your vibrations start to rise, I will help guide through your experiences. Twice per month you can submit questions I will answer as we come together via Zoom for an hour of masterminding. Here is where you will gain key insight into your new adventure. Feel the power of community and collective knowledge.


Having a community of people who understand the struggles of breaking the mold and finding their own way is essential for growth and healing. You will have access to a private community away from social media where you can discuss your struggles, your accomplishments, and your journey with people who are on similar paths to find themselves.


With access to twelve recorded Energy Integrations, an intimate energy healing is available to you around the clock! These powerful 1-hour sessions are designed to facilitate deep healing work when you need to release, reset and rejuvenate.  Each recording includes music masterfully composed by Music & Audio Production by Matt Lewis.  Matt deepens the impact of each healing with his gift of music.


These recordings are approximately 15 minutes each with opportunities for cleansing, discovery, and integration. They are a channeled gift from Spirit to facilitate quick energy or perspective shifts and provide support in the movement through challenges.


The Healy is a state of the art frequency device. It can scan the collective energy of our members and transmit specific vibrations to promote health, well-being, and balance for all.  Each month a program will be delivered to members and the relative information posted in Ascend.

“Your words calm me and give me hope -- I will survive this transition.”


Does Ascend Have Your Name On It?

I’ll just say it: Ascend isn’t for everyone. And that’s totally okay!
But does any of this resonate with you?

→ You’re tired of feeling trapped in the never ending chaos of life, and you are ready to see the bigger picture that gives meaning to the chaos.

→ You’re done with the idea that you have to navigate this world alone and crave a community of people who are committed to personal sovereignty.

→ You’re over living this life according to other people's expectations and ready to manifest a life that is rooted in your own wants and desires - your own cool vibe!

→ You’re frustrated with shallow solutions and ready to become your own healer, your own co-creator of your life. One filled with depth and meaning.

If you’re not in a place where you’re ready to be an active participant in your own life and transmute the things that are holding you back, then Ascend isn’t the best fit for you. Maybe you’re comfortable in the box and you are not ready to see and live your life from a higher vibration. It’s ok. Ascend will be here when the time is right.

I am so ready

"Ascend is like having a spiritual toolbox at my fingertips to assist me on my spiritual journey.It has helped me continue my daily routine of creating sacred space and meditation.  Dr. Kara is very supportive and the information she supplies is priceless!"

- jen glover -

Ascend Member since October 2020

Accelerate your potential

Step into your spiritual center with this 4-week workshop. This is a month of deep spiritual focus. You will receive 4 initiations that will stay with you forever.. The more you work with them, the deeper they root, the greater your results. Ready to release the baggage and grow beyond your past generational patterns? This is your jam.

It's time to Flourish

Personal 1:1 shamanic medicine strategy  is perfect if you’re seeking self-mastery. Seeking the fast track to awaken your inner power? Or maybe you’re moving through a transition and want support to  birth the new version of yourself? Let’s join energetic potential to get you deeply connected to your inner wisdom so you can weave your magic into the world on the deepest level.


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