Accepting the Spirit of Hawk

Mar 06, 2021


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  • We grow through our vulnerability, not our resistance.   
  • True learning is about bringing forth knowledge not bringing in knowledge. 
  • Hawk teaches us how to be more aware of our surroundings so as to not miss opportunities.




Accepting Hawks Invitation

On the way home from a conference with my significant other I spotted a hawk. This isn’t necessarily “normal” but anything’s possible. As I started to pay more attention to my surroundings, I started spotting more and more hawks. But at the end of our 90-minute car ride I had spotted 30 hawks! Needless to say, I knew a Spirit was sending a message. 

Clearly this experience was powerful, hawk had a message for me.  Once home I spent several weeks connecting with hawk in meditation, journaling messages, and coming to really understand its medicine.  What I know now is that I didn’t just learn intellectually.   

I accepted an invitation from the spirit of hawk to embody its medicine.  That experience that day was an initiation from hawk, and I responded to hawk’s call. 


The Message of Hawk in Animal Medicine

I see hawk’s often, nearly every day.  Hawk is a messenger.  Always carrying important information on its wings from the Spirit world to help us navigate through our human experiences.  Hawk teaches us how to be more aware of our surroundings so as to not miss opportunities.  Hawk is also a visionary and can show us how to claim our personal power or our medicine and live into our fullest potential.

Coming to know our own truth happens from within not from outside of ourselves.  In truth everything happens from within, right?  We tend to get sidetracked and misguided when we pay more attention to information outside of ourselves than we do to that voice inside.

 Learning that rises up from within us becomes wisdom, it’s part of our medicine and it becomes a guiding light as we experience life.  Remember, our medicine is our essence, our area of natural expertise, our zone of genius.

We all have medicine

Intellectual information is different from learned information.  Intellectual information may or may not be aligned with our truth and it can become intellectual property.  Are you beginning to see the distinction between the two?  

 Don’t get me wrong…I love learning intellectual information.  In fact, I love it so much I have earned 3 different degrees and have attended countless programs and seminars.  What I have come to know is the importance of having discernment around that which we take in and that which rises from within.

Bring forth Knowledge

How often in your day do you get thrown off course because of the influence of someone else, a news broadcast, or information from outside yourself?  It’s really easy to do, and it used to happen to me all the time.  It’s uncomfortable.  I am happy to say this happens to me less than it used to now. 

 No doubt, we should question ourselves.  Heck, we should question everything.  This checking in with ourselves keeps us honest, humble, and walking a path of integrity with ourselves and with others.  

 However, we should also own our own wisdom.

 True learning is about bringing forth knowledge not bringing in knowledge. 


The difference between embody and open

I want to identify the difference between embodying animal wisdom and being open to the messages and guidance from animal spirit.  Here in this episode I spoke of the deep, long-term commitment I gave to hawk and the energetic contract we created.  In episode 1, I told the story of an encounter with a bat.  Bat brought a message for me.  Hawk walks with me, or I should say, each day hawk is near offering me an opportunity to ride upon its wings.

I also want to wrap up by saying, through this experience I was gifted an opportunity to strengthen my truth around animal medicine and in doing so, I gained even more clarity than I had before.  This is what it means to be walking a spiritual path towards enlightenment.  We take advantage of our experiences, our uncomfortableness to learn from within, to deepen and expand our personal wisdom.

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