Are you a Great Decision Maker?

Jan 23, 2021
Are You a Great Decision Maker? | KH Evolution | Ascending Evolution Podcast | decision making

Top Takeaways:

1| The decisions we make, the decisions we don’t make, and the way in which we make decisions for our lives carry a vibration or energy which becomes part of the vast, expansive network of consciousness.

2| The process of decision making can lead to illness if we are not careful of the vibration we send into the Universe.


What is guiding my decision making?

Decisions have always been challenging for me. How about you? Do you take a long time to come to your decisions or are you able to make a decision pretty quickly? Are you ‘go with the flow?’ But I guess the real question is, are your decisions creating the lifestyle or outcomes you desire?

Codependent Patterns of Scarcity in decision making

We learn what we live. I have seen individuals nearly paralyzed in fear over making decisions. This mostly comes from an energy of lack and feeling the need to make the best decisions over limited resources. When decisions are forced upon us due to lack and there is little freedom in resources, the decision making when a little freedom of resources is co-created can be very difficult.

“Therefore, I must be a poor decision maker.”

The energy of the experiences of suffering can get unfairly wound into the aspect of making decisions. If many of the decisions made to a certain point were made from a perspective of lack, and then those choices gave suffering, this creates hardship and affects the person's self-value in decision making.

How do we break the loop?

I was stuck in this loop at one point. Making decisions, even small ones, were agonizing. This led to me experiencing chronic illness, anxiety, and depression. This then lead me to study and experience energy medicine, one of the big areas I looked into was decision making. So I looked into the tools I used to make decisions, and into my past lives. There was an energetic pattern that I could relate to my decision making pattern, so I made a conscious shift in this pattern, which changed the outcome of my life.

Small Changes

With even small shifts in perspective, my energy shifted, and the opportunities I was able to attract into my life shifted. I journaled, contemplated, and used energy healing to realize things about myself and my decision making pattern. I engaged with that energy and the result was greater freedom and vitality, less worry and anxiety.

I had discovered that I really didn’t feel worthy of being a decision maker. 

When we don’t make a decision at all, and we let others decide, it tells the Universe that we don’t want to use our gift of free will and choice. We are making a decision after all.

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