Fear: Triggers and Responses

May 29, 2021

Top Takeaways

  • Reacting takes away our personal power, so we need to respond in order to identify our fear triggers.
  • Observe how fear comes up from inside you and how you navigate your decisions.
  • Fear triggers our stress response and can make us sick, so understanding the information we receive and how we respond can lower our stress levels.





Switching It Up This Week, Yay!:

This week I’m trying something different and instead of coming here with a finely laid out plan, I’m going to channel and offer a meditation. I’m excited to see how this goes and would love to hear your feedback!

I’m moved to speak about fear and how it works in our own lives in consciousness and as a whole. How do we operate from the zone of our heart and stay on track without letting fear get in the way? I want to talk about thinking and behaving from our heart space and not our head space. (Oh this is already fun!)

Responding Isn’t Just For Emails:

We’re all taught to react to things, right? From when we were little it was all about react react react. But reacting puts us into situations that deplete us and our vitality. We need to respond to situations instead to regain our personal power.

Identify fear triggers and responses. A lot of people talk about impending doom or anticipate a future outside of their control. But that’s how life is! There are always going to be things outside of our control, so let’s respond instead of react.

Observing Fear: Bring Your Binoculars!:

My point is that we need to bring awareness into your space and life so you can start to see what’s triggering fear within you. When you recognize that, you’ll know how fear is impacting your decision making.

Get into that space. Observe fear coming up from inside of you and how you’re navigating it. Are you deeply rooted in these fears? Who is driving the ship here, you and your mindful intentions, or your fear response?

Fear Role Playing:

Fear is sneaky and plays an underlying role in everything we do. It’s important to keep us safe, but not if we are constantly letting it dominate our thoughts and interactions with people. That’s no way to live.

By identifying fear triggers and responses you can take responsibility for your own energy and how you show up. What is your fear about? Health? Safety? Fears are absolutely real and proof of being human. Check in and see if it is playing a dominating role in your every day.

Fear + Stress = Illness:

I’m not the best at math but it stands to reason that fear triggers our stress response, and 95% of all illness comes from stress, so fear left unchecked makes us sick.

We of course want to know if we’re in danger, and our body is ready to protect us. But if this vital response is left running 24/7 then that weakens our physical and emotional well being and opens us up to getting sick. We need to check in and see if the information we’re taking in is serving us and influencing how we show up.

Clear That Energy

Take a moment to walk through and observe your energetic aura and any discord or dissonance that’s there. Open it up to clear energy out of your space to recognize how you feel before and after this exercise.

Is fear still hanging around? Practicing helps you feel your third universal life. There is MASSIVE space, energy, and information just outside of our five senses so once you get comfortable that will open up to you.

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