A Pivotal Point

Feb 02, 2022

February 2nd marks the halfway point in our current season. 

Today is 2.2.22 or 2.02.2020 ~ such powerful energy!  In numerology this is a message to stay positive and to continue to focus on our deep soul connection.

A pivotal time to look back to Winter Solstice and look ahead to Spring Equinox. (Keep in mind if you live in the southern hemisphere you are halfway between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox, so the energy may be a bit different for you.)

If you journal, your writings can offer guidance and insight into how Spirit has been working with you and guiding you since solstice. 

Think back to what the theme has been for you since solstice, that time of profound stillness and a powerful return of light. Then the first week of January.  Perhaps your intentions and the paths placed before you by Spirit were beautifully aligned, or perhaps it was not at all what you had in mind.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What emotions have you felt the most?
  • Have there been any blocks, misunderstandings, or other challenges that took you by surprise?
  • What opportunities have you considered?
  • Have you had any perseverating thoughts?
  • What changes are you being called to make?

For me there has been a clear call to reset nearly every aspect of my life. Some of these aspects are easy because I have been focusing on them, but others are unexpected and require a little more of my energy and attention. Overall, it has guided me away from “status quo” to gain clarity, see new perspectives, and embrace the reality of my truth with a little bit more of myself.

Now, at this pivotal point, the energy continues to build within us and behind us as we prepare to take action. This could mean deepening and reinforcing the current path, or it could mean implementing changes to take steps in a different direction.

It is important to consider what our vision is for our own lives and for humanity as a whole.

Looking ahead to Spring Equinox….

What is the feeling you want to experience most in your near future?  Perhaps you are already feeling life is ideal. If so, that’s great! If not, decide on how you want to feel and take a few minutes at the start of each day to connect with that feeling and visualize what life would look like if you felt that way all the time. 

At the time of the Spring Equinox there is a great excitement and shift among the elementals and the life force energy within Mother Earth. The creation energy that burst forth at the time of fall equinox has now formed into a solid blueprint for the great ecosystem, Gaia. It is a time of waking up, new beginnings, and of tapping into healing potential. Growth begins to be visible and tangible from all that has been held within the womb of the earth. There is renewed excitement as we witness the birth of new projects, and a rebirth of ourselves.

Take the time now to align with this powerful life force energy to bring your dreams into form.

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