Water has Memory - Episode 15

May 15, 2021
Episode 15 Water has Memory of the Ascended Evolution Podcast with Kara Hanks

Top Takeaways


1 | Water is necessary for our bodies to function properly, and it helps us with our emotional body to process emotions, find balance, and self-understanding.

2 | If water were a personality type, these people enjoy relaxation, great conversation, and taking time to enjoy life to stay balanced and calm.

3 | One of the greatest struggles of a water type is their thoughts flow endlessly one to the other. The solution is stillness. In stillness there is flow and there is space to experience greater clarity and feel more empowered. 

4 | Juniper berry, ginger, and Frankincense are all essential oils to help promote flow.

5 | Imprint your water every day for a month with mindful intentions and see if you notice a change.  




Show Notes

Water, It Does A Body Good:

The Journal of Biological Chemistry states that we are composed of 60% water. Not only is it necessary for our bodies to function properly, it helps us with our emotional body as it’s  the element of the West Direction of the Medicine Wheel where we find balance, self- understanding, and our personal power through being in our emotions.

How amazing is that? Water reminds us how important it is to remain fluid as we move through our life experiences.  It even shows us how to do it--just watch it flow down a river. It always finds a way even if there are rocks, roots, or trees in its path.   


Water As A Personality Type:

In Chinese medicine, water is one of 5 elements.  If we look at it as a personality type we find that water types enjoy relaxation, great conversation, and often effortlessly show other personality types the way to, “stop and smell the roses.” When in balance, water types are calm and relaxed.  Out of balance they are emotional, restless, and anxious. 

Personal values are very important to water types in everything they do. Their values must align with all aspects of their lives or else they will feel anxious and overwhelmed. 


Stillness And Flow:

One of the greatest struggles of a water type is their thoughts flow endlessly one to the other, often not making sense at all.  The solution? Stillness. Stillness is different from being stuck. In stillness there is flow and there is space. When we are stuck, thoughts continue, but it is often the same, perseverating thoughts. Stillness allows for this flow of thoughts with detached observation, and you begin to experience greater clarity and feel more empowered. 

Stillness and time alone is essential for a healthy mind and balanced emotions.  Without time in solitude to contemplate and process, it will be difficult to show up as the best version of yourself. 


Getting Those Essential Oils Flowing:

Juniper Berry is excellent for clearing stagnation and low vibe energies from the body and spaces.  In other words, it promotes flow!  As an herbal formula, juniper berry has long been known for its astringent qualities and its support of the entire urinary system. 

Ginger essential oil promotes movement through its anti-inflammatory properties.  Ginger brings warming elements resulting in flow.  Think of it this way, the more heat, the more movement.

Frankincense essential oil promotes flow in thoughts.  Frankincense is a great heart opener which creates space for healing emotions and past traumas.  It’s a great essential oil to diffuse during meditation.  Frankincense calms anxious feelings and helps to dispel worry and overwhelm by bringing our attention from our heads back into our hearts.


Water As A Blueprint:

I want to note the healing properties of water.  One of the most fascinating aspects of its healing properties is its ability to be imprinted. Each droplet of water is unique depending on its source, the chemicals or toxins found in the water, and the frequencies its been exposed to. Water holds frequency. 

Water flowing from the tops of mountains has a different frequency than ocean water made clean through the process of reverse osmosis.  In fact, water that has been filtered to remove harmful chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins can still hold the frequencies of the actual elements that have been removed.

If we also understand and accept we are co-creating our physical reality through our thoughts and beliefs, we are far more powerful as a change agent for our future reality than we realize!


Imprint All The Water You Consume:

For the next month use your intention to imprint all the water you consume.  Use the same intention to maximize the impact and results.  I suggest that you use a word such as gratitude, inner peace, focus, intuition, or abundance. Remember, water holds frequency.

Option 1: With intention and feeling write your word on a piece of paper.  Take a moment to put all your energy, thoughts, images, emotions, and feelings of that word into that piece of paper.  Now set each glass of water you intend to drink on top of that piece of paper for 2 hours or more to allow the energy of your word to now imprint upon the water.  When you feel it’s ready, drink it as you would your regular drinking water.  Be sure to use glass.

Option 2: Or hold the glass of water in both of your hands, close your eyes and spend a few minutes being intentional with your water.  Bring all the feeling, images, and energy you can create in those few moments and channel it into the glass of water in your hands.

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