Ignite the seeds of personal power within you! 

Release the weight of your past and accelerate the expansion of your inner consciousness through the Rites of the Munay Ki.

As our planet and humanity join together to expand into the Golden Age of Evolution, it’s time to create the  critical foundation you need for  your personal leap forward into humanity’s new paradigm for living.  

Living in conscious awareness is the first step in healing ourselves. And  it is through self-healing that we become stewards of healing beyond our own self. Because you deserve all that the universe has to offer you!

Are you ready to accelerate your potential? 

  • Step into your spiritual center and become a steward for the world.
  • Come into “anyi” or harmony with self and our planet and find tranquility amongst the chaos.
  • Co-create positive change in your life as you shed the bonds of your past life(s).
  • Shed the past and break free of what keeps you in old, worn-out paradigms that do not serve you.
  • Create clarity of vision and take the intentional actions to live from unconditional love.


A 4-week workshop designed to accelerate your personal growth and expand your inner consciousness by becoming the frequency of Love


What are the Rites of the Munay Ki?

The Rites of the Munay Ki are based on the initiatory practices of the Q’ero shamans of Peru and initially brought to us by Dr. Alberto Villoldo.  Munay, meaning Love and Will and Ki, from the Chinese word for energy. These Rites initiate intentions of our ancestors of finding personal wisdom and power by letting go of the lower vibrational energy that clings to us from our past and helps us ignite and accelerate our journey to a higher consciousness.




The Four Initiations

During this workshop we will be focusing on 4 out of the current 10 Munay Ki rites: Rite of the Healer, Bands of Power, Rite of Harmony, Rite of Seer.  

Why only four? I’m glad you asked!  

These four rites are like setting a foundation for a house. If you received the additional six rites without these four, the work would not hold as the foundation to ignite them would not exist. After attending this workshop, you will begin to see how these four foundational Rites will assist in your Spiritual Journey. (We are working on future workshops for the additional 6 rites too!).


THE START: Sacred Ceremony

Ignite your inner wisdom with Sacred Ceremony, Sacred Space, and a complete overview.  Open your toolbox for frequency transformation!


WEEK ONE: Rite of the Healer

Awakens you to an accelerated process of self healing through heart and hands.  Are you ready to Ignite your Inner Shaman??  This rite is all about becoming your own healer and coming to truly embrace this powerful place of personal sovereignty.


WEEK TWO : Bands of Power

Initiates a new, authentic form of protection from within to allow old emotional, defensive, and co-dependent forms of protection to fall away.  Are you ready to say Yes to igniting your personal power? 


WEEK THREE: Rite of Harmony

Activates your 7 primary energy centers to expand your being and bring you into harmony with all of life.  Let’s ignite your instincts - the ones held by your ancestors.


WEEK FOUR: Rite of Seer

Activates new neural pathways of vision and perception to open you to new, expansive ways of perceiving self and the world around you.  Is it time to Ignite your intuition in all new ways?



What to expect

Each week you will be given access to a new module to explore. The modules each have a video, meditation, and homework/journaling in addition to either a virtual or in-person session. 

During these sessions you will receive the initiation of the Rite. These sessions are all about opening up to receive infinite potential. (Think of it like an amazing, powerful, game-changing, group energy healing!)

Registered for the virtual experience and can’t make the session live? No worries! These sessions will be recorded and added to Ignite and available for you to rewatch throughout the 4-week workshop. All the healing, shifting energy will be transmitted to you as you watch!



Wednesdays, 7 - 8 PM EST
September 15th - October 6th.


Saturdays, 4 - 5 PM EST
September 11 -  October 2nd