Ascended Evolution

Ascended Evolution

Hosted by: Kara Hanks NHD RN Shaman

Welcome to the Ascended Evolution Podcast where season after season Dr. Kara will be your guide around the medicine wheel following the ancient wisdom path of indigenous peoples. Learning to walk a shamanic path...

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Frequency and Vibration

Frequency is the medicine of the future, and the future is upon us. So many people are plagued with chronic illness and depression that only seems to be subdued, at best, through Western medicine. But by using...
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Illumination of Summer Solstice

Episode #17

Top Takeaways:Summer Solstice is the perfect time to connect with Mother Earth just like the snake and be physically present in each moment. Be open to each experience and remember “it is what it is.”The light that...
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Fear: Triggers and Responses (with Meditation)

Episode #16

Top Takeaways:1 | Reacting takes away our personal power, so we need to respond in order to identify our fear triggers.2 | Observe how fear comes up from inside you and how you navigate your decisions.3 | Fear...
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Water has Memory

Episode #15

Top Takeaways:1 | Water is necessary for our bodies to function properly, and it helps us with our emotional body to process emotions, find balance, and self-understanding.2 | If water were a personality type, these...
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Sacred Geometry

Episode #14

Top Takeaways:1 | The tetrahedron focuses on creating balance in the trilogy of the Divine Self, the Divine Feminine, and the Divine Masculine.  It also offers a deeper understanding of unity, expansion, and...
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Listen to Your Body

Episode #13

Top Takeaways:1 | Clarity comes from stillness, but change comes from action.2 | Knowing what is best for me and acting on it without guilt is not selfish, it’s actually quite the opposite.3 | Self care needed to come...
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The Medicine Wheel - East Direction

Episode #12

Top Takeaways:1 | East Direction of the Medicine Wheel provides us a wider perspective.2 | If we don’t pause now and again, we risk maintaining old patters and ways of being that truly sabotage rather than enrich our...
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Mother Earth's Gifts for Spring Equinox

Episode #11

Top Takeaways:1| Now is the time to expand and grow and change.2| There are physical changes happening in the earth around us, take head and notice it.3| Essential oils can help your body with this entire experience...
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Accepting the Spirit of Hawk

Episode #10

Top Takeaways:1 || We grow through our vulnerability, not our resistance.   2 || True learning is about bringing forth knowledge not bringing in knowledge. 3 || Hawk teaches us how to be more aware of our surroundings...
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How Energy Changed The Way I Practiced

Episode #9

Top Takeaways:1 || Energy can influence the path to illness, and the path to wellness.2 || More than just the level of the physical, we must heal the emotional and energetic portions of ourselves to create actual...
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12 Essential Oils for Daily Energetic Hygiene

Episode #8

1 | Natural plant solutions are best for influencing the emotional, mental, physical, AND spiritual, or energetic, aspects of our being.2 |  The foundation of basic energy hygiene in these categories:  Protection,...
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Are You A Great Decision Maker

Episode #7

Decisions have always been challenging for me. How about you? Do you take a long time to come to your decisions or are you able to make a decision pretty quickly? Are you ‘go with the flow? Decision making has such an...
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