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Monthly remote energy sessions for balance, healing and ascension
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The day-to-day grind can do a number on us, right?

Mental and emotional exhaustion, spiritual depletion, and even physical pain can weigh us down. It happens to everyone, and I know you feel it too. When was the last time you focused on the nuts and bolts of your physical and spiritual body? If your car were driven straight across the country without a lot of stops it would need a tune-up for sure. So wouldn't your body need the same attention? (Yes. The answer is yes.) .

Imagine how much you could reduce your stress and raise your vibrations if you had an energy-balancing tune-up twice a month from the comfort of your own home? These regular healings can shift you from where you are to where you want to be.

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Inside the Shift Experience

How does this work? Twice a month, at each session, I create a sacred circle before Shift begins. Members call in for a group meditation and energy healing that lasts about 50 minutes, where I connect with Spirit and facilitate energy healing for the group. I allow Spirit and the energy to fully guide the experience. Old, stagnant energy is removed or transmuted and new energy is brought in to balance and expand the individual and group’s energy, along with the collective.  Each session includes a unique meditation to gently engage the mental mind. 

During the meditation you might feel sensations in certain areas of your body as I work through the physical body as well as the energy centers. You’ll begin to feel relaxed and tuned in to the messages, sometimes even drifting off! But don’t worry, often sleep is just what you need to integrate the new frequencies.

After the session you might begin to feel a shift over the course of a few days--possibly related to sleep, relief of a physical pain you had been having, or insights into your life. You may feel lighter, hopeful, or emotionally stronger. The experience is often different for everyone. The more often you attend the Shift Experience, the more familiar you will become with the frequencies and how they work with you in your life.

The best way to prepare is to be in trust and open to receive. If you like, set an intention for your time with Spirit.


Inside The Shift Experience

The Sacred Energy Circle is working with you the moment you register to attend. At the time of session, settle in to a comfortable space in your environment, click the link to join remotely, and receive. Once the session begins, the energy within the circle fully merges with you and begins the process of aligning you for your highest potential.  

During the experience you may feel physical sensations in your body, emotions rise up, thoughts popping in or even deceased loved ones coming in to support you. You may see colors or images as you relax into yourself and the energy.   It's different each time. Often you may drift off, but that's a sign you are integrating. 

After the session you may find the energy integrating and working with you over the course of a few days--possibly related to sleep, or relief of a physical pain you had been having. You will likely feel lighter, buoyant, and calmer.  It is a unique experience for everyone, and often different each session. Stay open to receive and trust.

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“Being a teenager, I wasn’t really into this at first, but now that I have been listening in, my anxiety is so much better!  I used to get so anxious and afraid.  I don’t know how, but it’s really helping me.”    

Jeff, Maine

“After my first Shift Experience I found that I got through the next week at work without feeling like I needed wine to destress!! I actually felt the addiction energy being removed from my sacral chakra during the shift class. WOW!  Thank you!!! ❤️” 

Amber, New Hampshire

“Dr. Kara’s Shift Experience is always my first choice for self-care.  I get to join from the comfort of my own home and take an adult “time out” to disconnect, go inward, and just allow the energy to reorganize me. I always feel clearer and ready to move forward after these experiences.”

Allyson, New York

The more you experience the more you shift

When you attend at least monthly, you will experience yourself and your life transforming. It is like exercise--you can’t expect abs of steel if you do sit ups once (now THAT would be nice!). Consistency is key. Keeping your energy pure and balanced will make navigating the twists and turns of life easier to manage. That is why I created the Shift Experience. It gives you the space and time to focus on yourself.

Aren’t sure you can make the live session?

The recording will be available to you for FREE for 48 hours!

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Do you need a shift in your life?

(I’ll give you a hint...yes you do!)

Shifting is important. You shift from one leg to the other to redistribute weight. You shift a photo on the wall to even it out. You shift your rearview mirror so things are in focus.

Everyone needs a shift into something. Whether it’s getting out of the physical, emotional, or mental uncomfortableness that is plaguing you OR you just want to accelerate your intentions and expand your intuition. Change is always happening because our lives are not stagnant. The Shift Experience up-levels that change to an accelerated, co-creative process between you and Spirit.

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I have had the honor/joy/and blessings of experiencing Dr. Kara’s remote shift class because of how profound a “shift” and healing I felt and enjoyed - both physically and energetically from her remote sessions…. I decided to adapt the healing work I do to offer a remote option too!

Dr. Kara is a gifted healer who creates a space of non-judgment and clean healing ….. this enables us to raise our vibrations to a frequency where ease and love live 🙏🌀💧💗”
- Dr. Mara, Florida -

The Harmonize Membership is the perfect way to start exploring how energy and frequency can bring magic and positive impact into your life. Harmonize offers powerful sessions with each Full and New moon, giving you the energy support you need to feel like the best version of yourself. These sessions are all behind the scenes so you don’t need to do anything.

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The Universe (whom I like to call Spirit) is giving you clues, but do you understand them and are you trusting them? That’s where I come in as your guide. But I’m not your average "sit on a mountain top" kind of spiritual guide, I’ve got science AND spiritual training to support you in your journey.

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